Olive Tree Cuttings

For countless centuries, Olive oil has been a valued commodity throughout the world. In recent years, huge price rises in the traditional oil producing regions has led to several countries establishing their own, intensive Olive orchards.

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Wholesale Quantities


At our Olive farm, we can handle more than 7 million plants every year. A typical order might be for 200,000, but we are happy to supply trial orders of 5,000+ and we can accommodate orders for 1,000,000+

Larger orders do not have to be drawn down all at the same time.

We Supply Many Olive Varieties

Arbequina Olives

Blanqueta gorda
Cornicabra toledana
Gordal de caspe
Manzanilla real
Pequeña de casas ibáñez

Quality of Our Olive Cuttings

We maintain our own groves of “Mother” trees from which we gather cuttings for propagation. We do NOT grow from seed and we do NOT grow from grafting.

Purity of the Olive Oil

The oil that is produced from your plants can be labelled as 100% pure. We control our process rigidly, to ensure the purity of the original strain, so there is no risk of hybridisation. 

Intensive Olive Farming

The traditional image of majestic, solitary Olive trees having their fruits gathered individually, by hand, has all but been eclipsed by the planting of Olive tree cuttings in long hedges, so that they can be harvested easier, usually by machine.

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Rising Olive Oil Prices

Olive Oil, extra virgin - Monthly Price - Commodity Prices - Price Charts, Data, and News - IndexMundi
3,650 USD to 4,600 USD in 18 Months - a huge increase of 30% +
(Source: International Monetary fund)

Payment & Timing

We start to grow all orders, as soon as terms have been agreed and a 50% deposit has been received. The time taken till maturity depends on the height required by the customer and to an extent, the time of the year. Nature promotes more vigorous growth during Summer months.

Approximate time frame would be 9 months for cuttings of 30 cm – 40 cm

Final payment is required, in full, when we send video evidence that the minimum required heights have been reached.

Boxed Olive Cuttings Ready for Transportation
Boxed Olive Cuttings Ready for Transportation

You or your representatives are very welcome to inspect your plants at any time during this process.

An initial Phytosanitary inspection, loading onto the lorry and customs clearance in Spain are included in our price.

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