Hopefully here we have answered the most common questions that you, our prospective customer, might have. If your question is not listed below then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. Which Countries have the best Climate for Producing a good crop of Olives?

A. Although Olive Trees will grow in many countries (e.g. UK) they will only produce fruit under the following conditions:

Olives need a cold winter - around 45° - 50° F (7-10°C) but never below 10°F (-12°C)  because this will kill them: even 18°F (-8°C) will do them some damage.  Although they don't suffer from later frost, they need a hot summer; it can scarcely be too hot.

If you are not between latitudes 30° and 45°, either north or south of the equator, it is not much good trying to grow olives; nor can they grow above 2500 feet (800m).

Ideal areas for Olive Fruit production
Ideal areas for Olive Fruit production

Q. Do you have Olive Tree Cuttings for sale that are suitable for worldwide use, or are they only suitable as Olive Tree Cuttings in Europe?

A. Our Olive Tree Cuttings are ideal for establishing flourishing orchards anywhere in the world. Their purity ensures a ready market for the Olive Oil that is produced.

Q. Who sells Olive Cuttings?

A. There are some large producers in USA, but we are one of the largest Olive Cutting growers in Europe. We have capacity to produce, sell and transport around 7 million Olive Cuttings per year.

Q. You have Olive Tree Cuttings for sale in Spain and Europe but do You Ship Overseas to other areas?

A. Yes, although we are based in Spain we are familiar with the requirements to ship your Olive Cuttings Worldwide. Overseas delivery is not a problem for us, we can transport our Olive Trees Cuttings from our farm in Spain to customers throughout the world. To read about Transport requirements please read here.

Q. The Department/Ministry of Agriculture in my Country insists on "Bare roots" for importing Olive Tree Cuttings can you help and supply to us in this form?

A. Our Cuttings from Olive Trees are grown in a soil free medium, which we can easily rinse off when they are prepared for delivery. We wrap the roots in damp tissues, to ensure that they arrive in first class condition. There is a small charge for this extra service.

Q. What are the most popular Olive Cuttings?

A. We sell vast amounts of Arbequina Olive Tree Cuttings  and Arbosana  Olive Tree Cuttings.

Q. Arbequina Olive Cuttings  are very well known, but are there other varieties if you do not want to buy Arbequina Cuttings?

A. Yes! We can supply  a very wide range of pure, certified Olive Cuttings for sale. A list of these varieties can be found here but still contact us if the variety you had planned for is not on our list.

Q. Are these Olive Cuttings suitable for planting in concentrated orchards?

A. Absolutely! If you are seeking Cuttings to establish Olive groves or orchards, the strong Olive Cuttings that we supply, are ideal.

Q. Why do you grow Cuttings from Olive Trees, as opposed to growing from grafts or seeds?

A. Purity of the Cuttings is of the utmost importance to us. We believe that propagating Cuttings from certified, “Mother” Olive Trees, as opposed to using grafts ensures this purity. We also believe that our method produces stronger plants than those grown from seed.

Q. How Much Support Will You Give Us?

A. Once your deposit has been received, we can help you with advice on planting and aftercare. There may be a charge for this, depending on the complexity of your requirements

Q. From Placing our Order - How Long is it Until You Despatch our Olive Cuttings to Us?

A. From receiving your order and initial payment, it is about 9 months until we start sending out the Olive Cuttings to you.

Q. What Size are the Olive Cuttings that you Send out to Us?

A. Your order of Olive Cuttings will be about 30 cms to 40 cms high when we send them out to you.  This is the most economical size for packing and for freight charges. We have found from experience that this height also gives the best success rate, once the cuttings are planted.

Q. What Happens If I can't Receive all my Order at Once - Can you Help Me?

A. As a free service, we are happy to send out weekly batches of 15,000 – 50.000+, according to our customer’s planting schedule. Most customers have drawn down their full order within 3 months of original order completion. After this period we will hold your stock for a further 2 months, but a storage charge of 0.05 Euros per plant will be payable.

Q.How Long is it Until I will be able to start harvesting the Olives?

A. Depending on conditions it is usually about 3 years.